Cake.Sprinkles.Module.Annotations.Arguments Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
TaskArgumentDescriptionAttribute Allows you to describe an argument to a user of your console application.
TaskArgumentEnumerationDelimiterAttribute Allows you to define a delimiter so that a string with this delimiter will be split into a list of values.
TaskArgumentExampleValueAttribute Allows you to describe how to use a task argument through an example value. You can use multiple of these attributes.
TaskArgumentIsFlagAttribute Allows you to describe that the Task Argument accepts a flag, and converts it into true or false.
TaskArgumentIsRequiredAttribute Allows you to describe that a Task Argument is required.
TaskArgumentNameAttribute Allows you to define a Task Argument by describing the name that a user should include a value for.
TaskArgumentsAttribute Allows you to offload the TaskArgument parsing to a child class, so that you can share arguments between tasks.