Cake.MsDeploy.Providers.MsDeployProviders Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
AppHostAuthOverrideProvider Modifies IIS inheritance rules for different authentication settings to either allow or deny them to be overridden in a site's web.config file.
AppHostConfigProvider IIS 7 configuration
AppHostSchemaProvider IIS 7 configuration schema
AppPoolConfigProvider IIS 7 Application Pool
AppPoolEnable32BitProvider Enable 32-bit application pool on IIS7.
AppPoolNetFxProvider The appPoolNetFx provider displays or sets the .NET Framework version of an IIS application pool.
AppPoolPipelineMode Set managedPipelineMode to Classic or Integrated in order to validate if the destination application pool matches.The value will not be set, it will only be compared.
AppPoolPipelineProvider The appPoolPipeline provider displays or sets the managed pipeline mode of the specified IIS application pool.
ArchiveDirProvider Archive directory
AutoProvider Automatic destination
BackupManagerProvider Allows you to create, list, restore, and delete backups.
BackupSettingsProvider Manages your site's backup settings
CertProvider Certificate
CertStoreSettingsProvider This provider is used to sync Centralized SSL Certificates Support store settings. It does not require any path to be specified and can only be utilized on IIS 8 and later.
CommandProvider Runs a command on the destination when preSync/postSync is called.
ComObject32Provider 32-bit COM object
ComObject64Provider 64-bit COM object
ContentPathAspNetCoreProvider Used to deploy ASP.NET Core libraries that live outside the content root folder.
ContentPathLibProvider Used to deploy ASP.Net libraries that live in the 'approot' folder, which is a sibling to the content root folder.
ContentPathProvider File System Content
CreateAppProvider Defines an application in the IIS configuration system.
DacpacAction Dacpac Action to used to deploy Database
DbDacFxProvider Deploy SQL database using DACFx API
DbFullSqlProvider Deploy SQL database
DbMySqlProvider Deploy MySQL database
DirPathProvider Directory
FilePathProvider filePath
GacAssemblyProvider GAC assembly
GacInstallProvider Signed Assembly GAC Installer
IisAppProvider Web Application
MachineConfig32Provider .NET 32-bit machine configuration
MachineConfig64Provider .NET 64-bit machine configuration
ManifestProvider Custom manifest file
MetaKeyProvider Metabase key
PackageProvider A .zip file package
RecycleAppProvider Recycles, starts, or stops an application's app pool, or unloads an application's app domains on IIS 7.
RecycleMode Action to take when using the the "recycleApp" provider
RegKeyProvider Registry key
RegValueProvider Registry value
RootWebConfig32Provider .NET 32-bit root Web configuration
RootWebConfig64Provider .NET 64-bit root Web configuration
RunCommandProvider Runs a command on the destination when sync is called.
SetAclProvider Grant permissions
SetAclResourceType he file system entity being referenced
UrlScanConfigProvider UrlScan.ini settings or requestFiltering section configuration
WebServer60Provider WebServer60
WebServerProvider Full IIS 7 Web server