Cake.MicrosoftTeams Namespace


This namespace contains Microsoft Teams aliases.

Class Types

Class Summary
MicrosoftTeamsAliases Contains functionality related to Microsoft Teams.
MicrosoftTeamsMessageCard Message structure used by MicrosoftTeamsAliases.
MicrosoftTeamsMessageFacts Facts are simple name value pairs that will appear in a list. These are set as a list in the facts field of the MicrosoftTeamsMessageSection object.
MicrosoftTeamsMessagePotentialAction Actions can be presented to the user by including a JSON-LD object in the potentialAction array. We currently support, which creates a hyperlinked action button at the bottom of the connector card. The text shown on the action button is set by the Action's name parameter, and the destination of the hyperlink is the first link in the target array.
MicrosoftTeamsMessageSection A section is a canvas to show richer content than what can be represented in the just the title and text of the card. A section can contain text and images, or the activity and facts fields can be used to highlight key events and details. These sections are passed via the sections array in the payload, and will be rendered in the order of array position. The content in a section is displayed in the following order(top to bottom): * title * text * activityTitle, activitySubtitle, activityText * facts * images * actions
MicrosoftTeamsSettings Contains settings used by MicrosoftTeamsAliases.