Cake.Issues Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
Aliases Contains functionality related to reading and creating issues.
BaseConfigurableIssueProvider<T> Base class for all issue provider implementations with issue provider specific settings.
BaseIssueComponent<T> Base class for all Cake.Issues component.
BaseIssueProvider Base class for all issue provider implementations.
BaseLogFileFormat<TIssueProvider, TSettings> Base class for all log file format implementations.
BaseMultiFormatIssueProvider<TSettings, TIssueProvider> Base class for issue providers supporting multiple log formats.
BaseMultiFormatIssueProviderSettings<TIssueProvider, TSettings> Base settings for BaseMultiFormatIssueProvider<TSettings, TIssueProvider>.
BaseRuleDescription Base class for all rule descriptions.
BaseRuleUrlResolver<T> Base class for retrieving an URL linking to a site containing help for a rule.
ByteArrayExtensions Extensions for working with byte arrays.
FileLinkSettings Settings how issues should be linked to files.
IIssueComparer Comparer to compare if two issues are identical.
IIssueExtensions Extensions for IIssue.
Issue Base class for an issue.
IssueBuilder Class to create instances of IIssue with a fluent API.
IssueCommentFormat Possible format options for issues.
IssuePriority Default priorities for Priority.
IssueProviderSettings Base settings for an BaseConfigurableIssueProvider<T>.
IssuesAliasConstants Class containing constants used for defining Cake aliases.
IssuesArgumentChecks Common runtime checks that throw System.ArgumentException upon failure.
IssuesReader Class for reading issues.
ReadIssuesSettings Settings for reading issues.
RepositorySettings Settings containing a path to a repository.
StringPathExtensions Extensions for string for handling paths.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IBaseIssueComponent<T> Interface describing a Cake.Issues component.
IIssue Description of an issue.
IIssueProvider Interface describing a provider for issues.
ILogFileFormat<TIssueProvider, TSettings> Definition of a log file format for IIssueProvider which support different log file formats.
IReadIssuesSettings Interface for settings for reading issues.
IRepositorySettings Interface for settings containing a path to a repository.