Cake.Issues.Reporting.Generic Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
ColumnSortOrder Possible sort orders for columns.
ColumnSortOrderExtensions Extension methods for the ColumnSortOrder enumeration.
DevExtremeTheme Available themes for DevExtreme based templates.
DevExtremeThemeExtensions Extension methods for the DevExtremeTheme enumeration.
ExpandoObjectExtensions Extension for ExpandoObject.
GenericIssueReportFormatAliases Contains functionality for creating issue reports in any text based format (HTML, Markdown, ...). NOTE: Use Cake.Issues.Reporting.Generic addin to use these aliases with Cake Script Runners and Cake.Frosting.Issues.Reporting.Generic to use these aliases with Cake Frosting.
GenericIssueReportFormatSettings Settings for GenericIssueReportFormatAliases.
GenericIssueReportFormatSettingsExtensions Extension methods for GenericIssueReportFormatSettings.
GenericIssueReportTemplate Default templates provided by this addin.
HtmlDxDataGridColumnDescription Description of a column in the HtmlDxDataGrid template.
HtmlDxDataGridExportFormat Available export formats for HtmlDxDataGrid template.
HtmlDxDataGridOption Options for the HtmlDxDataGrid template.
IdeIntegrationSettings Settings how issues should be integrated to IDEs.
IIssueExtensions Extension for IIssue.
ReportColumn Name of columns in a report. The value can be used for default positions of the columns.
StringExtensions Extensions for string.
ViewBagHelper Helper for working with the ViewBag in templates.