Cake.Fastlane Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
CertificateType Enumeration for the certificate type used for match.
FastlaneAliases Contains aliases for obtaining a Cake.Fastlane.FastlaneAliases.FastlaneProvider instance.
FastlaneConfiguration Configuration for fastlane.
FastlaneDeliverConfiguration Fastlane deliver configuration options.
FastlaneMatchConfiguration Fastlane match configuration options.
FastlaneMatchProvider Provides functionality for fastlane match tool.
FastlanePemConfiguration Fastlane Pem configuration options.
FastlanePilotConfiguration Fastlane pilot configuration options.
FastlaneProvider Provides functionality for fastlane tools.
FastlaneSupplyConfiguration Fastlane supply configuration options.
FastlaneTool<T> Cake tool abstraction for fastlane tools.
FastlaneToolProvider Provides functionality for fastlane tool.
PilotCommand Commands for the pilot tool.