Cake.ESLint Namespace


This namespace contain types used for operations using the ESLint tool wrapper.

See ESLintAliases for samples.

Class Types

Class Summary

Functions to call eslint.

In order to use this add-in, eslint has to be available.

One option is using Cake.Npm.Module to install ESLint from

Another option is, if you have an npm project setup, to add ESLint to package.json and call NpmInstall() to be sure it is available.


 #addin "nuget:?package=Cake.Npm"
 #addin "nuget:?package=Cake.ESLint"
   .Does(() => {
     // ensure elsint is installed from npm
     NpmInstall(new NpmInstallSettings {
       WorkingDirectory = "src"

     // run lint
     ESLint(x => {
         x.WorkingDirectory = "src2";
         x.Output = "../output.json"; // relative to WorkingDirectory
         x.OutputFormat = ESLintOutputFormat.Json;
         x.ContinueOnErrors = true;
         x.AddDirectory("."); // relative to WorkingDirectory

ESLintCacheStrategy Options for --cache-strategy.
ESLintFixType Options for --fix-type.
ESLintOutputFormat Available output formats.
ESLintRunner The Runner, to run the tool.
ESLintSettings Settings to run eslint.
ESLintSettingsExtensions Convenient extensions for ESLintSettings.