Cake.Core.IO Namespace


This namespace contain fundamental types that support input and output, including the ability to read and write data to streams and to interact with the file system.

Class Types

Class Summary
DirectoryPath Represents a directory path.
DirectoryPathCollection A collection of DirectoryPath.
DirectoryPathConverter A type converter for DirectoryPath.
FileExtensions Contains extension methods for IFile.
FilePath Represents a file path.
FilePathCollection A collection of FilePath.
FilePathConverter A type converter for FilePath.
FileSystem A physical file system implementation.
FileSystemExtensions Contains extensions for IFileSystem.
Globber The file system globber.
GlobberExtensions Contains extensions for IGlobber.
GlobberSettings Contains settings used by the globber.
GlobPattern The file system globber pattern.
Path Provides properties and instance methods for working with paths. This class must be inherited.
PathCollection A collection of Path.
PathComparer Compares Path instances.
PathExtensions Contains extensions for FilePath and DirectoryPath.
ProcessArgumentBuilder Utility for building process arguments.
ProcessRunner Responsible for starting processes.
ProcessSettings Specifies a set of values that are used to start a process.
WindowsRegistry Represents an Windows implementation of IRegistry.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IDirectory Represents a directory.
IFile Represents a file.
IFileSystem Represents a file system.
IFileSystemInfo Represents an entry in the file system.
IGlobber Represents a file system globber.
IPath<T> Represents a path.
IProcess Represents a process.
IProcessArgument Represents a process argument.
IProcessRunner Represents a process runner.
IRegistry Represents the Windows registry.
IRegistryKey Represents a Windows registry key.

Enum Types

Enum Summary
SearchScope Represents a search scope.
SpecialPath Represents a special path.


Namespace Summary
Cake.Core.IO.Arguments This namespace contain types used to compose process arguments in a safe way.
Cake.Core.IO.NuGet This namespace contain types related to NuGet functionality.