Cake.Asciidoctor Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
AsciidoctorAliases Provides functionality for interacting with Asciidoctor and Asciidoctor PDF
AsciidoctorAttribute Represents an document attribute being set when converting an AsciiDoc document.
AsciidoctorAttributeCollection The collection of attributes being passed to Asciidoctor
AsciidoctorAttributeOptions Enumerates options for AsciiDoc attribites
AsciidoctorDoctype Enumerates the document types supported by Asciidoctor
AsciidoctorFailureLevel Enumerates the possible failure levels of Asciidoctor
AsciidoctorPdfDoctype Enumerates the document types supported by Asciidoctor PDF
AsciidoctorPdfSettings Optional settings for Asciidoctor PDF
AsciidoctorSafeMode Enumerates the possible safe mode values of Asciidoctor
AsciidoctorSettings Optional settings for Asciidoctor
AsciidoctorSettingsBase Base class for settings that are supported by both Asciidoctor and Asciidoctor PDF