Cake.AndroidAdb Namespace


This namespace contain types representing data used for interaction with the Android ADB.

Class Types

Class Summary
ActivityManagerAliases Cake build aliases for Android ADB Activity Manager commands
AdbAliases Cake build aliases for Android ADB commands
AdbDeviceInfo Android Device
AdbInstallLocation Install Location of packages.
AdbLogcatBufferType Which Logcat buffer to return.
AdbLogcatOptions Logcat Options
AdbLogcatOutputVerbosity Verbosity of Logcat output to return.
AdbPackageListInfo Android Package Information
AdbPermissionGroupInfo Android Permission Group
AdbPermissionInfo Android Permission
AdbToolSettings Tool Settings for Android ADB Aliases
AmInstrumentOptions Options for Instrumentation
AmStartOptions Activity Manager Start Options
PackageListState Enabled/Disabled state of packages.
PackageManagerAliases Cake build aliases for Android ADB Package Manager commands
PackageSourceType Source type of packages