Cake.AWS.ElasticLoadBalancing Namespace


This namespace contains Amazon elastic load balancing aliases and related members.

Class Types

Class Summary
CakeContextExtensions Contains extension methods for ICakeContext.
CakeEnvironmentExtensions Contains extension methods for ICakeEnvironment.
LoadBalancingAliases Contains Cake aliases for configuring Amazon Elastic Load Balancers
LoadBalancingManager Provides a high level utility for managing transfers to and from Amazon S3. It makes extensive use of Amazon S3 multipart uploads to achieve enhanced throughput, performance, and reliability. When uploading large files by specifying file paths instead of a stream, TransferUtility uses multiple threads to upload multiple parts of a single upload at once. When dealing with large content sizes and high bandwidth, this can increase throughput significantly.
LoadBalancingSettings The settings to use with download requests to Amazon ElasticLoadBalancing
LoadBalancingSettingsExtensions Contains extension methods for LoadBalancingSettings.

Interface Types

Interface Summary
ILoadBalancingManager Used to access Amazon Elastic Load Balancers.